In June 2019, Mini Simmons pressed their first vinyl at Holiday Records, and they’ve been buzzing with the overwhelmingly positive response they’ve received ever since. They sold out of their first run of the album in under two weeks, and their listens on Spotify and YouTube have more than doubled. Being the first band to press in New Zealand in 32 years, Mini Simmons featured on The Project, Stuff, Radio NZ, Radio Hauraki and even Classic Rock magazine in the U.K. Of their experience, the band said —

“We loved having our album pressed in New Zealand; being able to see it being made made it so much more real for us. Also being able to talk in person with the people pressing the album made it such an easy process, compared to dealing with an overseas press. Having the opportunity to take test pressings home to listen to was especially good for us. We would 100% recommended anyone wanting to get their music pressed to use Holiday Records.”

Years Gone By - Tom Scott and Tom Broome

How did you enjoy the process of having your records pressed in New Zealand by Holiday Records?

It was brilliant. Anyone who's ever tried get vinyl manufactured abroad knows the difficulties of waiting for test pressings to turn up or having your records caught up in customs and missing a release deadline. Being able to cut out that stressful process was amazing. As a New Zealand record label, we felt that being able to meet with Ben and Joel and view the plant is really important for us, we want to build lasting relationships going forward and it seemed like an easy choice.

Would you recommend working with Holiday Records?

Without a doubt. We booked our record to be pressed before the plant was open. Ben and Joel were dealing with a million things and were still excellent communicators and bent over backward to meet our release deadline. We had a great experience working with Holiday Records.

What did you think about the quality of the final product?

Tom Scott and I are really neurotic about the quality of the music we are releasing and everything has to be perfect. In truth, we were initially apprehensive about working with a new company. It's a big outlay of expense for artists to press vinyl and as a record label, we don't take risks with our artists funds. After our initial conversations, we were reassured Holiday could meet our quality requirements and we went ahead.

K*Saba had the record mastered by Noah Mintz in Toronto and they digital 'vinyl masters' sound beautiful. I'm a recording engineer, so when the test pressings turned up, I took my record player out to my studio and listened to all of the test pressings about 5 times, A/B-ing between the digital master. The vinyl version of this record is the way it should be heard. The whole thing breathes differently. It was a joyful experience to hear the album on vinyl. Ben and Joel nailed the pressing for us, I can't say enough about the quality of their product.