Counter Journal

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Counter Journal features content from New Zealand and abroad with an aim to share the most interesting stories you never knew you wanted to read; along with beautiful photography and illustrations. Counter Journal publishes a range of interviews, short stories, musings, opinion pieces, articles and research features.

In this issue they delve right into the Uncanny Valley, what is it and why does it haunt your subconscious? Vivienne Kruckow teaches you about the perils of distraction, Hannah May explains what it takes to really know someone, whilst Ruby Richardson shares her thoughts on equal pay in sport.

Take a trip through New York City, seen through the lens of an old Canon film camera, then visit the Auckland studio of one of NZ’s most renowned tattoo artists, Tritoan Ly.

They also explain six everyday tasks you are probably doing wrong, share the story of Peleti Oli and his Hastings barbershop, and introduce you to steel wool photography (warning: it’s extremely hazardous).

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