Racing — Real Dancing (Hot Pink Vinyl)

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Auckland-based four piece Racing take rock and roll and inject it with a chemical haze so potent the listener is left both pleased and punished. Once likened to “the thoughts of a crocodile in flood season” the band crafts a swirling sea of groove and hypnosis into rock anthems drenched in tropical dance music.

Racing is made up of long-time collaborators Ed Knowles (vocals) and Sven Pettersen (guitar); two crucial parts to the colossus that was The Checks. Knowles and Pettersen are joined by two other heavy hitters from the Kiwi alternative scene - Daniel Barrett (bass) and Izaak Houston (drums).

Racing’s debut album Real Dancing spawned three number ones on the NZ Rock Chart and earned them a nomination for Best Rock Artist at the 2019 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

From the darkness of the late night dive bars where they cut their teeth, to playing summer festivals across New Zealand, the four members of Racing have come together to create a massive sound that challenges anything from their collective musical past.

Their debut album was pressed right here in New Zealand and Holiday Records on hot pink vinyl.


1. Motel Pool
2. Drugs and Affection
3. Devil's Work
4. Move Your Body
5. Party Slow
6. Misbehaving
7. Sweet Bedlam
8. The Alcoves
9. Run Wild
10. The Bass

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