7" Competition FAQ

Who can enter?

Any New Zealand-based artist (solo or group) in any genre of music is encouraged to enter.

What production level is required for a submission?

As the prize includes full recording and mixing at Roundhead Studios, we only require demo tracks as a minimum with limited production levels required. That said, fully recorded and produced singles may also be submitted. Production level will not be a factor in judging.

What happens if we are in a band and need to meet in person during lockdown to record a new track?

We understand that the COVID-19 lockdown may produce its own challenges with creating music with bandmates. Although we encourage collaborating as best you can during isolation, we are committing to ensuring that the competition will run during post-lockdown so bands and groups have an opportunity to meet and record together in person.

What format does the audio need to be submitted in?

We require two audio files (in any format) submitted as URL links. This could be to cloud-based storage (i.e. Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox), SoundCloud, Spotify or anything similar. If you are using cloud-based storage, please ensure that the files are accessible to anyone with the link.

How do you submit your audio?

You need to copy and paste the URL that connects us to your tracks at the bottom of the online entry form - one for each A-side and B-side.

Do the tracks need to be newly recorded?

No - tracks could have been recorded yesterday or last decade, it doesn’t matter.

Can you include a remix of the A-side single for the B-side?

Of course. There are no restrictions on what features on the A-side and B-side (only that they are not the same song!)

What happens if the tracks submitted are already professionally recorded, mixed and mastered and we win?

You will have the option to re-record at Roundhead Studios and have complete access to their and Munki Studio’s technical teams. Otherwise we can press your pre-prepared tracks no problem.

Do you accept live recordings?

Of course!

Do you accept covers?

Tracks must not infringe upon any copyright or intellectual property right of any third party (unless of course you have written permission).

What is the ideal length of audio for each side of a 7" record?

The ideal maximum is 4 minutes in length — when we go any higher, the quality becomes jeopardised.

Do artists remain in control of master rights?

Yes of course — nothing changes in how the ownership of the music is dealt with — only that the recording/mastering/pressing is free!

Are the 300 records that are pressed all for the artist?

Yes — these are for the artist to sell/give away how they wish! As we have a record store which fronts our operations we are happy to act as a platform to sell through (and take pre-sales) if that was desired!

Are artists contacted before their music is previewed on the radio or via social media?

Yes — we will ask permission first before previewing any tracks publicly.

If we win are travel and accomodation expenses included in the prize?

Unfortunately no — winning artists will need to make their own way to Roundhead Studios in Auckland for recording. We will do our best to find a suitable time for recording that works for everyone involved.