Mini Simmons - Mini Simmons

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Mini Simmons self-titled debut album was released on July 5 2019. This is the first record pressed by Holiday Records, and the first in New Zealand in over 30 years!

Mini Simmons are a New Zealand based Blues-Rock band that captures the stomping swing of wild 70’s, with groove oriented bell-bottom flare. Dreamt up on the Pacific highways of Mexico, electrified campfire Sceances propelled the band onto the stages of the Auckland club scene.

Hard working & hard living, it was here they honed the intense high energy live show for which they have earned a name. The band's debut album takes their raw rustic sound & funnels it into a more melodic concoction, served on a plate of virile sexuality. It's still barking Rock & Roll but there is a bite to it that’s jumping with fresh energy.


Side 1

Southern Cold
Fowler Street (No Street)
Mother Manins
A Way With Murder
French Sunflower Fields

Side 2

When It Rains It Pours
Kids Off Broadway
Dirty Dolly
Fat Cat
Madam Arabella
Little Man Blue