Troy Kingi & The Upperclass – Holy Colony Burning Acres

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The third instalment of Troy Kingi’s aspirational 10|10|10 Series (ten albums in ten genres in ten years).

Holy Colony Burning Acres is a record that focuses on major issues facing indigenous peoples all around the world – from crying for the injustices of West Papua in Bird of Paradise to lamenting courage in Truganini, a song about the last full bloodied Tasmanian aboriginal.

This form of politically charged reggae has barely been heard since the days of Herbs and their fight against nuclear power in the Pacific.

Holy Colony Burning Acres is a hard hitting deep roots offering reminiscent of such bands as AbyssiniansCongos and Upsetters, all underscored with empathic Marley-inspired political consciousness.


Side I

  1. The Tower Of Babel 
  2. Ethiopia
  3. Colour Of My Skin
  4. Pseudo Ego

Side II 

  1. Born On This Earth 
  2. Mighty Invader
  3. Bird Of Paradise 

Side III 

  1. We Were Once Kings 
  2. Babylon Grows 
  3. Glass Eel 

Side IV

  1. First Nation 
  2. How Much Fruit? 
  3. Truganini