Daffodils — Boys EP

26 Dec 2019

How did you enjoy the process of having your records pressed in New Zealand by Holiday Records?

It was so sick, I really felt like a part of the process, and you guys are incredibly professional with the way you handle everything. The record we ended up with is something that I literally couldn’t be more proud of, and being able to see the way you guys press, and coming into the shop to pick up the tests, doing that little release party, that was such a great experience, especially for our first pressing, which I was pretty damn nervous about!

Would you recommend working with Holiday Records?

Yeah, absolutely. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. You guys evidently care a lot about NZ music and the NZ music community, I felt really at home working with you on it.

What do you think of the quality of the final product?

I’m incredibly happy with them. I think it was well worth what we spent getting them made, and I never felt like you guys cut any corners with it. It came out even better than I expected. I had a bit of a cry listening to the test pressing! I’m really, really stoked with how they came out. Cheers guys!