Mini Simmons — Mini Simmons

08 Aug 2019

In June 2019, Mini Simmons pressed their first vinyl at Holiday Records, and they’ve been buzzing with the overwhelmingly positive response they’ve received ever since. They sold out of their first run of the album in under two weeks, and their listens on Spotify and YouTube have more than doubled. Being the first band to press in New Zealand in 32 years, Mini Simmons featured on The Project, Stuff, Radio NZ, Radio Hauraki and even Classic Rock magazine in the U.K. Of their experience, the band said —

“We loved having our album pressed in New Zealand; being able to see it being made made it so much more real for us. Also being able to talk in person with the people pressing the album made it such an easy process, compared to dealing with an overseas press. Having the opportunity to take test pressings home to listen to was especially good for us. We would 100% recommended anyone wanting to get their music pressed to use Holiday Records.”