The Mons Whaler - Hold My Gun

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The Mons Whaler bring their swampy alt-blues fuzz tones and tight velvet vocals to their signature neo-vintage sound. Their music will transport you to a time and place when the sonic vibrations we chose to listen to spoke directly to our deepest desires and unyielding need for self-expression.

There are a myriad of infectiously sticky accents running through their catalogue of songs. From the wandering fuzzy guitar riffs and experimental keyboard sounds to the four part vocal harmonies and thundering backline holding the energising and dynamic rhythm section together.

The Mons Whaler band members hail from the Taranaki region in New Zealand. There is a sense of common vision and creative discipline among the band. Everything that should be in this music is, and nothing more. 

In a cultural sense, the members of The Mons Whaler themselves are deeply connected to their indigenous Maori roots. They have broken the socialised stereotypes by writing and performing music typically outside their expected genre furthermore bridging the gap between what is expected from what we see and what just works. 


1. Paper Heart
2. Copious Funness
3. Linger On
4. Won't Let You Go
5. Online
6. Hold My Gun
7. Old Cassette
8. It Ain't On Me
9. Long Gone
10. Blood


Artist: The Mons Whaler
Format: 12" 1LP (140g)
Location: Taranaki, New Zealand
Genre: Rock/Swamp Blues
Pressing: 150 Copies
Estimated shipping date: October 2024




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6 weeks. This crowdfunding campaign ends 23 August 2024.

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